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→  Performance-guaranteed CPI-based programmatic buying
→  Transparent workflow with tailor-made strategies
→  AI-backed optimization
→  A dedicated team of app growth consultants
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What is AppSamurai’s Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

DSP involves programmatic advertising for brands, agencies, and ad networks to bid on app download campaigns. AppSamurai's DSP inventory helps app owners achieve more with less effort through an all-in-one platform for easy ad campaign creation. A specialized team optimizes ad impressions for effective user acquisition. AppSamurai's performance-focused demand-side platform lets brands and partners establish AI-backed campaigns on leading DSPs and AdExchanges.

Advantages of Running Your Ads Through AppSamurai

Expanded Outreach

Wondering how to effectively drive app downloads? By precisely targeting the most valuable prospective users across a global network, AppSamurai's AI engine forecasts the LTV of each potential user prior to acquisition. This empowers brands, premium agencies, and ad networks to secure proficient users, thus enhancing the effectiveness of your app marketing endeavors.


Sustained Revenue Generation

Optimize strategies according to your app's revenue generation methods: in-app purchases, subscriptions, or advertising revenue. Elevate the rates of installation-to-event conversion through finely-tuned targeting optimization and advanced A/B testing at a creative level. Amplify your ROI by leveraging AppSamurai's DSP.


Personalized Account Management

Engage with a seasoned team of app growth consultants to strategize optimal user acquisition techniques for your app, steering your advertising initiatives towards triumph. AppSamurai consistently delivers unparalleled outcomes derived from paid user acquisition campaigns.


AI-Powered - Guaranteed Performance

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Optimize based on user behavior & audience segment

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Drive performance using outcome & bidding data to access each impression

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Creative driven A/B testing & creative variations for different targets

Here are some campaign results:

Who can benefit from AppSamurai's DSP?

AppSamurai extends a managed service that particularly suits businesses aiming to access our DSP Inventory through consultative assistance or those with limited to no exposure to programmatic advertising. Broaden your reach with our dedicated strategies tailored for app growth! Connect with us for additional details and initiate the growth of your mobile app.

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