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How Does AppsPrize’s
lay-to-Earn SDK Work?

Introducing the AppsPrize Play-to-Earn, a powerful playtime SDK offering a unique way to engage users by rewarding them for their active participation and time spent in the app. Beyond in-app rewards, it also provides real-world monetary benefits, creating a more special approach and user experience than traditional app monetization methods.


Here's the process:

  • Users opt in for time-based rewards and tailor-made offers

  • Users are presented with the most suitable offers

  • Users engage with the advertiser's app and earn rewards based on time spent


Why AppsPrize?

Revenue-Boosting Model

Meticulously crafted CPI campaigns in AppsPrize allow you to get paid for every install, providing a lucrative method for revenue generation while users continuously engage with content. With the AppsPrize Playtime SDK, publishers can achieve higher eCPMs and ARPDAUs than with traditional offerwall models.


Seamless Integration

The AppsPrize Play-to-Earn SDK provides you with user-friendly tools and resources for swift and effortless app integration. A comprehensive dashboard, to-the-point integration guide, and support from our team give you a holistic integration kit with all the necessary components.

Lightweight SDK

The lightweight SDK minimizes the influence on performance and maximizes functionality. This ensures that publishers can maintain a high-quality user experience without sacrificing app performance. 

Easily Integrate and Maximize Ad Revenue

Discover the Effortless Integration Guide by AppsPrize. Access all the essential resources for integrating the AppsPrize SDK right here.

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